Complete E-Commerce Enabled, Marketing Ready, Professionally Designed, Responsive, Google Friendly Website, only £395

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Fill in the form above now and reserve 6 Months Free Hosting, Free registration with Google Local and Google Search engine, Free set up of Google Analytics and 6 Months Free Technical support (relating to your website and hosting package) with your order. Just complete the form above and all these extras worth £295.00 will be reserved for you to use when you order.












  • ~ Fully Designed Bespoke Website to showcase your business
  • ~ WordPress CMS - Simply edit, update and expand your website whenever you need
  • ~ E-commerce enabled - Sell products and services directly online
  • ~ FREE Professional Stock Images - Make your business really stand out
  • ~ Fully Responsive - Automatically resizes for any device, separate mobile site not needed
  • ~ Marketing tools built in - Find and retain new customers easily
  • ~ Contact form to database - Automatically retains contact form visitor information
  • ~ Google friendly - Get found on Google and other major search engines
  • ~ Google Analytics - See who's visiting your site, how they found you and much more
  • ~ Cookie Compliant - UK legal for cookie compliance
  • ~ Free form captcha - Avoid spam
  • ~ Free Technical support, CMS Training, and access to marketing channel

  •            9 Reasons why you'd be bonkers not to take this amazing website design offer

    Number 1 [Blue]This is our best ever, complete marketing ready, fully responsive bespoke website deal. If you run and existing small business or you are about to embark on a new venture, then we have exactly what you need to get your business off to a flying start in 2015.


    Number 2 [Blue]Our Content Management System website gives you full control over the content on your website, you can change prices, update pictures and text, add new pages, sell products, collect payments and much much more without having to go to any additional expense of paying a web professional to make changes. (And we're here to help whenever you need us).


    Number 3 [Blue]Your website comes with E-commerce built in (if you need it) so you can sell your products and services directly on-line. We will also incorporate a payment provided such as pay-pal so all you need to do is add your products and services and begin selling.


    Number 4 [Blue]We will create a superb fully responsive theme and use either your own or professionally taken stock photographs, chosen especially to reflect your business in the best light. The responsive theme means that your website is automatically Mobile Phone ready, so there is no need to have a separately designed mobile site, saving you hundreds of pounds.


    Number 5 [Blue]Your website also comes with a host of marketing tools to help you find and retain customers. Your contact form collects and saves the email addresses of any prospects who use your webform meaning you can easily contact and re-market to them over and over again.


    Number 6 [Blue]Your website is fully UK compliant for cookies and also comes with CAPTCHA to stop automated spamming via your contact forms. All email addresses displayed on your website are fully encrypted so they cannot easily be harvested, protecting you and your customers of unwanted spam.


    Number 7 [Blue]Your website also comes with our fast robust website hosting services for only £15 per calendar month. This includes telephone technical support and access to our marketing vault which contains a growing bank of marketing ideas and information to help your business thrive. We also offer support to you if you need to make changes to your website and cannot remember how!


    Number 8 [Blue]Find out more, pick up the phone now and call 0800 158 4431 or 07885 225 233 or complete any one of the contact forms on the website and one of our advisers will be in touch.


    Number 9 [Blue]OH YES, and don't forget you get all this plus a funded £100 Google Adwords campaign*, fully set up for your business, with adverts created, keywords researched and chosen and geographical areas selected full package worth £300 PLUS six months free hosting and support, PLUS Google Analytics set up, Google Local set up, Registration with the major search engines, combined worth an additional £295 ALL FREE when your buy your website. *(As and when available).

    Pick up the phone and call now on 0800 158 4431 or 07885 225 233 for more information

    Responsive website design for Tavistock

    Your customers may as well see this message if your website is not responsive!

    What is a responsive website and why do I need one?

    What is a responsive website?

    A responsive website is a website that has been designed for optimal viewing and user interaction across a wide range of platforms. (Tablets, mobile phones, computer monitors etc). The idea is that your website can easily be navigated and read without all the fuss of horizontal scrolling, panning and resizing, whatever the device you are using and where ever you happen to be.

    Why should your website be responsive?

    It is becoming increasingly important for all websites to be responsive as the amount of mobile traffic now accounts for over 50% of all internet traffic. This trend has become so widespread that Google will boost the ratings of responsive websites for searches carried out on mobile devices. This essentially means if your website is not responsive you are being penalised by the major search engines. If you're website isn't responsive, you are losing potential customers to you competitors.

    EG. Lets say you own a coffee shop in Tavistock. Someone from Exeter is looking for somewhere in Plymouth to meet a customer for lunch. They’re on the train. They Google “coffee shops in Tavistock” on their mobile phone. If your website is not responsive you stand little of no chance of showing up in the search results. Of course the reverse of this is; if your website is responsive and your competitors is not, you stand a much higher chance of securing a new customer who may then return time and time again.

    Put simply if your website has not been created using responsive design technologies, then you are almost certainly losing customers to your competitors.

    Why not find out more about responsive web design by contacting us today and check out our amazing special offer on a complete responsive web site package.



    Pick up the phone and call now on 0800 158 4431 for more information


    Our Guarantee to you

    Your Guarantee:
    With over a 20 years of experience helping organizations & businesses to succeed on the web, we have established a reputation as the website provider who’s committed to being here when you need us, and to staying with you for the long haul.

    It is through these years of proven successes, that we have developed a complete website package perfect for new and small businesses who need a web presence that packs a punch but who may only have a limited budget.

    We’re so confident, that we actually guarantee it!

    Number 1 [Blue]If you don't like your website, you'll get your money back
    We will design a website for you, if you don't like it we will change it until you do. If we can't get it right, you get your money back!


    Number 2 [Blue]We will respond to all your inquiries quickly
    There is always someone answering the phone during office hours- Guaranteed. If you have a problem, we have a solution!


    Number 3 [Blue]You have 100% ownership of the codes and your design files
    It's yours, you paid for it. If you ever want to leave, you can take your design & codes with you. No questions asked


    Number 4 [Blue]We will assess your specific needs and implement them.
    Whatever makes you unique will be taking into consideration and implemented based on your needs


    Number 5 [Blue]You are in control
    With our content management software, if you need to make a change, you can take control and make it happen. There is no need to be dependant on someone else.


    Number 6 [Blue]We make your life easy
    We host, we design, we do SEO, we are a one-stop shop for all your web solutions needs


    Number 7 [Blue]No hidden charges
    You get one flat rate and that's it, no surprises.


    This is our Better Than Risk Free Guarantee.

    Our confidence is drawn from our loyal and professional client base as over 90% of our clients stay with us year-on-year. This loyalty can only mean that our websites truly work and continue to serve our clients businesses.

    Being able to stand behind your product 100% is a rare thing in today’s business. You don’t often find a business able to offer an unconditional money-back guarantee either.

    And because we've been in business for over 20 years you can have every confidence we’ll support you for years to come.

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