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10 Fun and useful facts about Google

by Ian Bertie – MBCS – 26/11/21

  1. According to Statistica, as of June 2021 Google has 92.47% of the search market, which clearly demonstrates the importance of a Google friendly website. Indeed according to this BBC article Google is the most searched for phrase on it’s rival Bing. (and Bing’s own figures show that it is the 3rd most searched for phrase after Facebook and YouTube, although it is worth mentioning YouTube is a subsidiary of Google).

  2. Google has 23 massive data centers around the world, each one contains an entire copy of the internet. These localised centers are a key factor in the search return speed.

  3. The Google search index is over 100,000,000 gigabytes in size, just to put that into perspective, you could fit approximately 250 copies of the bible into 1 gigabyte.

  4. Every day, fifteen per cent of Google searches are ones that they have never seen before.

  5. Mission Statement – Google’s mission is to organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful.

  6. Want to rank highly in Google? – There are 5 key factors that determine what results are returned when a search is undertaken. Meaning, Relevance, Quality, Usability, Context. Hit all of those and you will be flying high.

  7. Google have over 10,000 search quality testers, all fully trained and qualified in search quality. Last year those testers carried out 66000 search quality tests ranking different versions of Google against each other.

  8. Google make over 3000 alterations to their search algorithms each year.

  9. In 2020, Google found and removed over 40 Billion spam web pages a day from their index!!!!!

  10. Google uses bank grade security to protect your searches.

Source  – Google how search works

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